Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics - 2022

An argumentative essay is one of the types of essay in which an author can write my essay for me and reflect arguments related to both aspects of the same issue equally or can take a stance only related to one aspect and support his/her stance with strong pieces of evidence. 


Logic-based arguments and persuasive types of academic writing are taught to students by involving them to write argumentative essays. The core of an argumentative essay is to take on one stance and build an evidence-based comprehensive approach to support the taken stance. Therefore, perfect skills are required to write an impressive argumentative essay.













There is a variety of different topics on which you can effectively write an argumentative essay. However, if you are unable to choose any suitable topic, you may ask some professional, “could you Write my essay?” By doing so, you will get your hands on a perfectly written argumentative essay. In case you want to write an essay by yourself, you may choose any social, political, economic issue and can easily write on the topic. For your convenience, following is the list of 100 argumentative essay topics is provided. These topics are worth writing about in the year 2021.


Ø  Can Pollution have a huge negative impact on society?

Ø Is health affected by not getting up early in the morning?

Ø  Is there any effect of natural changes in Ocean on Earth?

Ø  Can political polarization cause division in society?

Ø  Is health affected by fast food?

Ø  Can listening to loud music affect the listening capacity of children?

Ø  Is playing games helpful for women's empowerment?

Ø  Does obesity impact the psychological health of women?

Ø  Do drugs deteriorate the health of human beings?

Ø  Will the passing of the domestic violence bill impact the social system of society?

Ø  Are children affected by single parenting?

Ø  Does the office environment affect the mental health of employees?

Ø  Do Social welfare organizations bring welfare to society?

Ø  Do Songs have effect on a person's mood?

Ø  Does technology impact the lives of young people?

Ø  Does globalization affect international migration?

Ø  Do natural disasters affect the economy of the world?

Ø  Does poverty influence society at large?

Ø  Can stress and depression of work affect the mental health of people?

Ø  Does excessive use of opium affect the health of a person?

Ø  Is youth affected by modern culture?



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Ø  Will the situation in Afghanistan impact the US?

Ø  Is the Middle East affecting the whole world?

Ø  Does smoking impact women during pregnancy?

Ø  Does the increased divorce ratio affect the social system of society?

Ø  Is US society affected by racism?

Ø  Does globalization affect the world's economy?

Ø  Is the world facing the threat of terrorism?

Ø  Does globalization impact the mental health of people?

Ø  Is the patriarchal structure of society affecting women's status?

Ø  The use of increased technology is increasing heart diseases?

Ø  Is the availability of online social media chat platforms affecting the youth?

Ø  Is Uber affecting the life of taxi drivers?

Ø  Does a friendly work environment have an influence on the mental well-being of employees?

Ø  Is tourism beneficial for the world economy?

Ø  Does traveling affect the human mind?

Ø  Is the digital war affecting the economy of the world?

Ø  Is the world facing the danger of a population boom?

Ø  Does regular exercise affect the psychological health of persons?

Ø   Are soda drinks affecting human health?

Ø  Does the increased rate of suicide disturb the social structure of society?

Ø  Does growing crime rates distress the life of young people?

Ø  Do family conflicts impact children's upbringing?

Ø  Do women's marginalization cause social division based on gender?

Ø  The use of the internet is a source of benefit to the Business Empire?


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Ø  Does the use of the internet in educational institutions help improve the learning of students?

Ø  Parents' jobs affect children's childhood?

Ø  Does peer pressure affect a student's confidence?

Ø  Does climate change have an impact on human health?

Ø  Does domestic violence impact the mental well-being of women?

Ø  Does taking care of pets be healthier for human health?

Ø  Should animal killing be banned?

Ø  Is climate change affecting the ecosystem?

Ø  Is the conduct of stealing a beginning of a crime?

Ø  Is the phenomenon of multi-culture affecting people’s identity?

Ø  Is using an animal as test data in laboratories legal?

Ø  Should caging animals in zoos be banned?

Ø  Is the extinction of animal species caused by human activities?

Ø  Is climate change affecting animal’s lives?

Ø  A sport is beneficial for women's health?

Ø  Are sports a source of creating social skills in people?

Ø  An excessive workout can deteriorate health?

Ø  Sports can cause social disintegration in society?

Ø  Is the use of technology helpful in sports?

Ø  The use of drugs is beneficial for performance boost?

Ø  Does the use of drugs affect a player’s health?

Ø  Are games a source of character development in players?

Ø  Bodily activities are a source of energy in human beings?

Ø  Can exercise decrease stress and depression in humans?

Ø  Is scarcity of water becoming a danger for human beings?

Ø  Are fires in forests affecting the economy of the state?

Ø  Is the issue of water scarcity causing the extinction of fish species?

Ø  Does lack of technological equipment impact the education system of the state?

Ø  Are natural disasters affecting human beings?

Ø  Does using technology for forecasting weather conditions be beneficial?

Ø   Air pollution is causing more harm in crowded areas?

Ø   Cutting of trees is becoming one of the causes for increased natural disasters?

Ø  Cutting trees is causing climate change?

Ø  Environmental problems are distressing the structure of society?

Ø  Is industrial emission causing environmental pollution?

Ø  Increased human accidents are a result of a human busy life?

Ø  Early marriage is a source of decreasing sexual crimes?

Ø  Is the industrial revolution causing environmental pollution?


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Ø  Is unemployment the reason behind increased crime rates?

Ø  Is the mental health of students affected by bullying at colleges?

Ø  Huge dependence on the internet is making humans lethargic?

Ø  Is Covid 19 the cause of the growing rate of unemployment?

Ø  Is Covid 19 decreasing the standard of education?

Ø  Is Covid 19 affecting businesses and the economy?

Ø  The growing use of the internet is causing increased stress among youth?

Ø  Sexual frustration among youth is affecting their psychological health?

Ø  Sexual harassment is a reason for women's psychological illness?

Ø  Sexual frustration in youth results in increased rates of crimes?

Ø  Is better training of teachers results in effective student learning?

Ø  Does the increased salary of teachers impact student learning?

Ø  Does the availability of advanced scientific technology impact the education and learning of students?

Ø  Does noise have a huge impact on an employee's working efficiency?

Ø  Does increased use of drugs result in increased heart diseases?

Ø  Is the development of robot systems the cause of the increased rate of depression in humans?

Ø  Does continuous use of the internet increase stress levels among youth?


The argumentative essay must be written in its specific format. The writing format of an argumentative essay includes the main theme, body, and conclusion. The main part called the main theme of the essay further includes general background to the topic leading towards the thesis statement. The introduction is the first readable part of the essay.


Therefore one should accurately write the introduction portion of the essay by clearly setting the direction of the essay. It precisely defines the direction of the essay. Expert essay writer suggests to include supporting ideas and proofs to such arguments in the body of the argumentative essay.


The last part of the essay called the conclusion restates the thesis statement and the analysis. Also, the conclusion summarizes the whole argument of the critical essay and reiterates the important parts of the claims.


Also, certain measures should be kept in mind while writing an essay. These essays must be written in the specific format and all claims must be based on logic. In case you find any difficulty in  writing an essay, you can ask for guidance from an legitimate paper writing service to provide you guidance to write a perfect argumentative essay.


To add more, haste of completing work must be avoided as doing so will ruin your essay. Thus, proper care must be taken while writing an essay. All the above-provided guidance can help you to write an effective argumentative essay.


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